Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology

Who are Assistive Technology?

What do we do and who do we help?

Where to find us

Find our office and our assistive technology booths

Assistive Technology aims to:

  • Empower students and staff to be independent in their studies or role
  • Support the university in delivering an accessible environment promoting diversity & equality

What our service can provide:

  • Advice and training on Assistive Technology software and hardware
  • Arranging appointments for training with staff and students
  • Supporting use of Assistive Technology during student assessments and exams
  • Supporting Assistive Technology software on campus PCs and Assistive Technology Booths
  • Managing a stock of loan equipment for staff and students
Monthly Focus

We have new software! Global Auto Correct will correct your spelling, analysing each word as you type. It has over 130 subject-specific dictionaries to help you with your course terminology.

Top Tip

Get ready for the new term and download up to 5 copies of the Microsoft Office Suite to have across all your devices. Check out the Toolkit resource for videos, guides and links.